This ICT integration course is accredited with SACE for 15 points. We believe that you will understand the integration of Information Communication Technology into our pedagogy. The many disruptors we have experienced or witnessed from 2020 in education , gives us the opportunity to learn, relearn our strategies of teaching and learning. When we return to school again in a post Covid-19 world , the way in which we provision education would have changed. The learning style of learners would have changed. This short course will empower you to start to reflect and have a growth- mind set towards adapting as an educator in a 21st Century class. There are taking home nuggets in all the sections. What's more with the MSZORA platform you have access to their Moodle to access the resources of each facilitator and the recordings.

You can view these resources and they are accessible on demand to your goodselves!

Best Wishes! You will do it!